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who are we 

Yalmer Mattresses and Furnishings Company is an Egyptian joint stock company that has been operating in the Egyptian market for ten years and works with Turkish materials and quality. The company spent years studying and analyzing different consumer tastes and constantly learning about the variables of the Egyptian market to keep pace with all the tastes of its customers. Then the dream became a reality and the company’s actual presence began. For the first time in 2005 


Made by Egyptian hands and Turkish raw materials


Our mission 

Putting your comfort as our first priority and our main concern throughout the 562 days. 

Our goal 

The company aims to produce high-quality products with Egyptian hands and Turkish raw materials. 

Yalmer aims to constantly innovate to match all your needs and desires, and based on the desire of our customers, the company seeks to provide our products in foreign markets. 

Our message

Comfort and satisfaction for all its customers. 

Our Partners